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CDEMA Tsunami Preparedness - Tsunami Impact
Tsunami Impact

Tsunami waves may crash into the shore like a wall of water or move in as a fast moving flood or tide - carrying everything on their path.  The waves may inundate (flood) areas much further inland than storm surges. Either way, the waves become a significant threat to life and property.

Perhaps the most compelling images of the destruction that tsunamis can bring are those seen in the 2004 Indian Ocean event where the tsunami’s waves were reported to be over 20 metres in height.

In that event, the world watched as strong tsunami-induced currents led to the erosion of foundations and the collapse of buildings and other structures. We saw the tsunami in action as it moved houses and overturned everything in its path including boats, cars, and trees.

Unfortunately, many died from drowning and physical impact or other trauma when they were caught in the turbulent, debris laden tsunami waves.


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See pictures of destruction and hear the stories of the victims and survivors here:

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See below how the Triton Hotel, Sri Lanka was impacted by the 2004 Sumatran Tsunami

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