The Earthquake Readiness Capacity Building Project

The Earthquake Readiness Capacity Building project is helping at-risk CDEMA Participating States to be better prepared for earthquakes, develop earthquake contingency plans and promote earthquake awareness. 

The project will assess the state of earthquake readiness in Participating States, create a roadmap for contingency plans and test a Model Earthquake Contingency Plan in four Participating States - Antigua & Barbuda, British Virgin Islands, Jamaica and St. Vincent & The Grenadines.  A region-wide Earthquake Awareness Campaign provides up-to-date information and advice for policymakers, public administrators, builders and developers, teachers and students and the public, along with an interactive Earthquake Awareness Kit for school children for ages 9-15 - all right here on this website.

CDEMA is implementing this project through its planning Barbados based Coordinating Unit, and in collaboration with the National Disaster Offices in the agency's member states. The two year project is being funded by the Government of Austria at a cost of €350,000.

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