CDEMA Tsunami Preparedness - Make an Evacuation Plan
Make an Evacuation Plan
You can make a plan together as a family or as a class project. Ask your parents and teachers to help you.
  • Write down a list of phone numbers including your mum, dad, other family member, close friend and emergency numbers. Get mum and dad to review.
  • Help your parents to identify the safe places in your home.
  • Draw or get an adult to help you take photos of each safe place in your home so you can easily remember or share with your younger brother or sister.
  • Make the plan visible with colour and symbols that are easy for you and your family to understand. For example, red can represent danger while yellow is a safe place.
  • Use your drawing or photos to draw a path linking from each room in your home to the safe place.
  • Help your parents to develop an emergency plan in the event that your family is separated (for e.g. during the workday when adults are at work and children are at school).
  • Agree on a close friend or relative that should be contacted if you cannot reach your parents and vice-versa.
  • Practice your evacuation plan with your family regularly so you will remember what to do if there is an emergency.
  • Help your mum and dad post your emergency evacuation plan somewhere in your home where it can be easily seen and reviewed.
  • Draw a map of your excavation route from home or school with the help of your parents or teacher
  • Gather your stuff to pack into your Tsunami Kiddie Kit ensuring that it is easy for you to carry.
  • Help mum or dad to pack the family’s disaster survival kit.
  • Remind mum and dad that everyone in the home can be given responsibilities and be sure to find out who is in charge when they are not there.

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