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Initial Rise

Time of the first minimum of the tsunami waves.


A measure of an earthquake's extreme strength, force, energy or effects at specific locations. The most commonly-used scale of intensity is the Modified Mercalli Intensity (MMI) index, which defines a range from one to twelve (I to XII), with one being the lowest and XII the highest intensity.


The horizontal distance inland that a tsunami penetrates, generally measured perpendicularly to the shoreline.

Inundation (Maximum)

Maximum horizontal penetration of the tsunami from the shoreline. A maximum inundation is measured for each different coast or harbour affected by the tsunami.

Inundation Area

Area flooded with water by the tsunami.

Inundation Line

Inland limit of wetting, measured horizontally from the mean sea level (MSL) line. The line between living and dead vegetation is sometimes used as a reference. In tsunami science, the landward limit of tsunami run up.

All A B C D E H I L M O P R S T W
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