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CDEMA Tsunami Preparedness - Tsunami Experiences
Tsunami Experiences

Tsunamis can happen anywhere and at any time in all of the world’s oceans, inland seas and any large body of water. All ocean regions of the world can experience tsunamis and these can range in size from small to large and highly destructive events.

Region % Occurrence
Mediterranean, Black, and Red Seas, and the North-eastern Atlantic 
Caribbean and Southwest Atlantic
Indian Ocean 
Southeast Atlantic 1%

Source: Analysis of 1106 verified tsunamis by the World Data Center for Solid Earth Geophysics, US National Geophysical Data Center (2005)

Source: Tsunami Teacher, IOC, UNESCO (2006)

Each part of the world appears to have its own cycle of frequency and pattern in generating tsunamis. Given the range of tsunami sources the geographical location of an ocean affects tsunami generation.

Use the Natural Hazards Viewer developed by the US National Geophysical Data Center to learn more about Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions Around the World:

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