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CDEMA Tsunami Preparedness - 5 Things You Should Know About Tsunamis
5 Things To Know About Tsunamis
  • Many tsunamis occur without sufficient time to allow authorities to issue an official warning.  It is therefore important for everyone to know the natural warning signs of this hazard – it could save your life!
  • If you are at the beach and you experience a strong shaking which makes it difficult for you to stand or sit properly, this is likely to be an earthquake and a tsunami could follow in as little as 5 minutes. After the shaking stops, you should run to high ground (High ground can be the third floor or higher of a reinforced concrete building or a strong tree if these are your best options).

  • If you are on the beach and you recognise any of the natural warning signs of a tsunami, you must alert those around you and let them know of the danger as you move to high ground.

  • A tsunami is a series of waves and a tsunami event may last for minutes or hours. Expect more than one wave to come onto the land.

  • Expect the sea and coastal rivers that feed into the sea to behave in an unusual way. There may be strong currents and even whirlpools. Stay away from them as well.



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