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CDEMA Tsunami Preparedness - During A Tsunami
During A Tsunami

We cannot prevent a tsunami...
                                    but we can be prepared for it.

Know What To Do

  • If you recognize signs of a tsunami - such as a strong earthquake or the sea pulling back significantly from the coastline - leave the area immediately, head for high ground and stay there. Move uphill or at least inland, away from the coast.

  • Abandon your belongings. Save your life, not your possessions.

  • Do not count on the roads. When fleeing a tsunami caused by a nearby earthquake, you may find roads broken or blocked.

  • Sometimes tsunamis may occur without the initial pulling back of the sea. In this case, a massive wall of water may be seen approaching land. If you can see the wave you are already too close to outrun it.

  • If you are unable to move to higher ground, go to an upper floor (at least the 3rd storey) or roof of a strong building. As a last resort, climb a strong tree if trapped on low ground.

  • If swept up by a tsunami, look for something to use as a raft.

  • Expect many waves. The next wave may be bigger, and the tsunami may last for hours.


Know How To Help Others
The more you know, the more likely you will be able to take lifesaving action.

Please share what you learn; knowing the right information may save your life and the lives of those you love. So let’s all educate our friends, our families, and ourselves.

For more information:

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